Women’s a cappella singing—barbershop style

Women's barbershop performanceHave you seen the Pitch Perfect movies? That’s what we do at Geelong Harmony Chorus: we sing fabulous contemporary, mainstream, and popular show tune songs — all unaccompanied — in beautiful, four-part a cappella harmonies.

Geelong Harmony Chorus is affiliated with Sweet Adelines International, so our songs are arranged in tenor, lead, baritone and bass parts and built on simple melodies that are easy to sing but result in complex and beautiful harmonies. When sung accurately, with good breath support and vocal technique, these harmonies produce overtones (harmonics) that create a resonant ring unique to the barbershop style of music. This genre has a huge worldwide following; women have been singing in barbershop harmony choruses and quartets for generations. Don’t worry — we don’t dress up in striped suits or wear boater hats.

Like all a cappella singing, all you need to sing in this style is a love of singing and the ability to hold a part when singing with three other parts. At Geelong Harmony Chorus, you will receive training in barbershop style performance, tuning, listening, vocal production and blending at each of our rehearsals and during our regular workshops with Australian and International coaches.

Belonging to Geelong Harmony makes you a member of Sweet Adelines International and Sweet Adelines Australia, so you are not just part of a local singing group, you become part of a global sisterhood of singers, with opportunities to travel interstate and overseas for competitions. See our Membership page to find out more about joining us.

Sweet Adelines International

Sweet Adelines International is an independent, nonprofit music education association. It is one of the world’s largest singing organisations for women and has over 23,000 members extending over five continents who belong to more than 500 choruses and 1,200 quartets. For more information, visit the Sweet Adelines International website.

Sweet Adelines Australia

There are 34 choruses and 46 quartets currently registered with Sweet Adelines Australia, Region 34 – the Southern Cross Region of Sweet Adelines International.
For more details, visit the Sweet Adelines Australia website

Geelong Harmony Quartets

Being in a quartet helps you hone your skills and gives your opportunities to perform and compete. Some Geelong Harmony members are part of the following quartets:
3 Docs & a Diva!
Mixed Signals (mixed)

Barbershop music, groups and equipment

Victorian Quartet and Small Group Singing
Join the club to practise singing in small groups and find other women whose voices blend with yours so you can form a quartet. This is a great place to hone your skills.

Roz’s Music Theory
Roz has put together a website teaching people basic music theory with illustrations and interactive games to play. It is a 12-week online course – one lesson per week, starting from naming the notes on the piano and treble and bass clefs and moving through to singing your first note from any key signature.

The Ultimate in Barbershop Links
Over 1500 links listed for choruses, quartets and other harmony related sites from around the globe. The gateway to the amazing world of barbershop music.

Harmony Marketplace
Visit the barbershop Harmony Marketplace, where you can purchase anything from a pitch pipe and CDs to the latest in music-related computer software or musical themed apparel and gifts!

Barbershop Harmony Society
The Barbershop Harmony Society. This is homebase for barbershoppers, with links to just about everything you’ll ever need to get or know about this unique harmony artform. Contact a far-flung chorus or find an arrangement for your quartet. At contest times, listen to (and watch!) live webcasts of the competition.

Barbershop arrangements sites

Sweet Adelines arrangers list
Find an email address for an arranger of Sweet Adeline music.

Alfred Music Publishing
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